Social Media and Cool Art

Photo by Deeana Creates

My absolute favorite part about the existence of social media is its ability to spread interesting art (of all types) as well as portray the creation process of that art.

I was first introduced to this idea while watching content on the vlogbrothers YouTube channel. John Green would talk about a topic that was on his mind, and then a few months or years later, a more fleshed out version of those thoughts would appear in one of his books.

So, I was thinking the other day, what other instances of art or art creation have I seen on YouTube that I would really like to highlight? Here, for this short Tuesday post, is that list:

Let me know if there are any other instances of cool art on social media that I should check out!

4 thoughts on “Social Media and Cool Art

    1. At the time I wrote this blog post, I wasn’t even writing poetry regularly, so no 😂. I was trying out different types of posts before I landed on a style that worked well. I wrote this to share some of the cool artists I had been introduced to at around that time.

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