I miss sitting with you.

I remember that day, staring at the rushing Potomac before us

The Do Something New Every Day Project

I’ve always said that I would try anything at least once. I mean that mostly hyperbolically…but not entirely. I think that being open to new experiences has brought me some of the greatest moments in my life. This philosophy is the reason why I went skydiving. It’s why I joined in on a poorly plannedContinue reading “The Do Something New Every Day Project”

Kindness and Coronavirus

In my brief time of writing this blog, it has morphed from a place where I share random thoughts that I have throughout the day to a very planned space that I utilize both to share my own creative works (namely poetry) and to reflect on the topic of compassion, both toward oneself and towardContinue reading “Kindness and Coronavirus”

The Delight in Choosing Positivity

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels Writing this blog post about compassion fatigue was draining in itself. It was also undeniably worth it, especially as someone who is prone to burnout and hopelessness, because it gave me an awareness of when I might be pushing myself too far and what I can do to alleviate those things thatContinue reading “The Delight in Choosing Positivity”