Wanna Know You Better!

What kind of a “dream home” you dream about?
I doubt this will ever happen, but I would love to have a big, full house. I want to have lots of space for friends and family to live in or visit. I also want a big garden where I can grow a lot of my own food.

I was nominated for this tag by Era from The Hidden Soul. Thank you so much, Era! Her blog is full of articles, poetry, and awards. Please go check her out!

“Wanna Know You Better” was created by Riya from World of My Thoughts. Go check out her blog if you want to read some of those thoughts. Thank you for creating the tag, Riya!


  • Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!”
  • Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to her post.
  • Describe and thank the one who nominated you.
  • Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.
  • You may create your own questions for your targets
  • Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favorite bloggers and mention them in your post.
  • Add a link to your post in the comment section of the Host and nominees below so that they would come to know about you.
  • State the steps.

Era’s Questions

Q.1 Have you ever been foolhardy? When? Why? Describe briefly.
I can’t think of any specific examples, but I definitely have said and done things in the heat of the moment that I thought were brave but regretted later. For the most part, though, I am very reserved. It takes me a while to make decisions because I like to weigh all of my options.

Q.2 How do you prefer the curtains, drawn or pulled apart?
Every morning, I think that I prefer the curtains drawn, but, the truth is, I feel so much better when they’re pulled apart.

Q.3 What kind of a “dream home” you dream about?
I doubt this will ever happen, but I would love to have a big, full house. I want to have lots of space for friends and family to live in or visit. I also want a big garden where I can grow a lot of my own food.

Q.4 If you had the power to transfigure into an animal/bird/insect as per your will what would you’ve chosen? Why? (Only one allowed!)
I’ve always wanted to become a dolphin. They’re smart, they do things for fun, and they get to stay in the water all the time.

Q.5 If I offer you Watermelon or a Chocolate ice-cream during summer what will you choose? Why?
If the chocolate ice cream is vegan, I would choose that. Otherwise, I’d choose the watermelon.

Q.6 In your home what’s your favorite inanimate object and tell me the reason behind that?
There is a puzzle that was gifted to me on my 20th birthday. During quarantine, I broke it out of storage and redid it. It is missing a piece because the person who gave it to me took that piece as a keepsake. The timing of that gift and the person who gave it to me are both really special, so the puzzle itself is also really special.

Q.7 If you had got an opportunity to make somebody else’s blog (except mine) yours which blog would you’ve swapped with?  (Take it as a compulsion. I know we all love our own creations and couldn’t dream of exchange! I just want to know your favorite blog)
Up until fairly recently in my blogging journey, I probably would have been able to come up with an answer to this question, but currently, I am so in love with my blog and its content that I wouldn’t dare trade it. A recent favorite blog of mine, though, has been The_tenth_zodiac by Nima Mohan.

Q.8 Which is/was your favorites swing in the park?
I was lucky enough to have a swing set in my backyard while I was growing up, so those swings were my favorite.

Q.9 Anything you would like to suggest to me to become better? (You can’t answer Nothing)
I love learning more about you through your tags and awards, Era, but my favorite parts of your blog are the poems and other creative writings. I would love to see more of those!

Q.10 How do you feel about God? (I know you can write a novel on this but just tell me in less than 100 words)
My feelings about and experiences with religion have varied quite a lot over the years. As of right now, I believe in love, and the Bible says that God is love, so I believe in God.

My Questions/Nominees

I nominate anyone reading this who would like to participate! My questions are the same as the ones I was asked.

Today’s resource of love and understanding is this zine by MPD 150 that answers FAQs about abolishing the police. “Abolish the police” is a shocking and seemingly radical statement, but this resource shows what people really mean when they say it (ex: such a change could not happen overnight, and we would still have a division of people who are well-trained and able to respond to violent crimes). Even if you disagree with these ideas, it’s good to have more information to prevent falling for the straw man fallacy when debating the concept.

And that’s all for today. Peace out!

5 thoughts on “Wanna Know You Better!”

  1. What a wonderful tag! I love reading about your responses to the questions. I also really like puzzles, used to spend hours on them as a kid. There’s just something magical on putting the last piece and seeing the full picture coming together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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