Even if you
cannot see it

Glow! — Even if you
cannot see it at this time,
you still hold a spark.

Photo by Jordan Graff on Unsplash

Today, June 30, is the last day of Pride Month in 2020, but learning about LGBTQ+ history should happen all year long! Stonewall Forever is a virtual monument that includes videos and resources about the history of LGBTQ+ movements in the United States, from the resistances that preceded the Stonewall Riots to modern day Pride. They also have a documentary that I have yet to watch. If it is good, though, I will include it as a resource in the future.

Also, I have an update about my article that was stolen by another website…The stolen article was removed! If you want to read more about what I did to get it taken down or just see me rant about the process, I did a full update on the post about the content being stolen. You can read that here.


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