The apartment is too humid
to grow most plants

The aloe plant sits upon the counter,
its once plump, vibrantly green leaves
full of healing salve
now turned brown and flat
and crispy.

It’s not our fault that it died.

The cats ate the new growths
from the top
until they stopped growing.

We tried special water
thinking that the tap
may be causing these plant problems.
For months, the plants drank better
than us
or the dog
or the cats,
but to no avail.

The apartment is too humid
to grow most plants
The dehumidifier does not
do much good.
The aloe plant still turned lifeless
and crunchy.

We tried everything.

So, now,
we’ll just stick
to the few plants
we already have–
the ones that beat the odds.

At this point,
we can’t handle
another disappointment.

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

With today being the finale of National Poetry Month, I decided to put up another poem on this site. If you want to see a lot of the other poetry that I have been posting, you can check my Instagram (or you can just wait until my final round up post tomorrow). Most of the poems from this month have been super short, which is why they are found on Instagram rather than on here. I have a lot of feelings about how this month has gone, and I will write them out and post them on this blog some time during May. They deserve their own dedicated space.


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