Silent Silence

Silence is impossible to fully express in the written form. Here is my attempt:

Here for but a moment–
an inhale,
a comma,
a pause,
a break,
full stop.
Maybe it’s not a blank space.
After all, a musical rest is conveyed with a symbol–
a hat for a half-rest,
an upside-down hat for a whole.
Maybe it’s all about rest.
And maybe silence is hope.
It’s hope that my words may rest by you
in your quiet moments,
at peace.
Hope that my words offer their presence, not their voice.
I hope you find the silence you’re looking for.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

C. D. Anders wrote this poem about silence and how difficult it is to write about. I wrote on one form of silence, the calm kind, but I would love to see other people take up his challenge of either capturing silence in words or writing on ideas that are difficult to put into words.


5 thoughts on “Silent Silence”

  1. Wow! I had not even considered musical notation. That’s quite brilliant actually. It brings back memories of high school band and the tacets littered on the percussionists’ music 😄

    Also, that line about words offering presence and not voice? That is inspired. It gave me chills. So well put! I thank you most sincerely for this post!

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    1. Former high school flute/piccolo player here, so I highly relate to those memories!

      Thank you for the inspiration! It’s not often that I complete drafting a poem in a matter of an hour or so, much less getting it written, edited, and published in that time. Something about your challenge just caused the words to flow through me, so again, thank you!

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      1. Whatever your writing process is, you knocked it out of the park! And I don’t say that like that’s something unusual; I’d have been surprised if you wrote something that wasn’t good at the bare minimum.

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