You Are

YOU are

you are an answer

you are a solid foundation
you are the turbulent sea, threatening to pull me under
you are a delicate butterfly wing
you are the ax used to chop down the sturdiest oak
you are a humble disciple
you are the queen of the land
you are a tear streaming down my cheek
you are the laugh bubbling from a baby’s lips
you are a strong, rhythmic pulse of a heartbeat
you are the silent stillness of a pine forest
you are an authority
you are the rule breaker
you are an empty, abandoned house
you are the chalice overflowing with wine

you are the question

you are

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger


14 thoughts on “You Are”

  1. Beautiful!
    Especially the lines,
    you are the laugh bubbling from a baby’s lips
    you are a strong, rhythmic pulse of a heartbeat.

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  2. What a fantastic poem you’ve written here. The use of repetition here is effective along with the use of powerful imagery throughout. Also, your use juxtaposition such as in the lines below is deeply impacting –
    You are the authority
    You are the rule breaker
    Your delivery of it in the video is also a welcome added bonus! Look forward to reading and viewing more! 😀🙏💛👊🎉💟💯

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    1. Thank you! I was so scared when I posted this because it was so different from everything I had on my blog at the time, but it was really well received, which gave me the courage to keep writing poetry. And I have a lot of ideas about what to do in future poetry reading videos, but I haven’t had the time to execute them. My break has helped me to realize that videos are something that I want to prioritize.

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  3. i am the only son
    of one and one
    fifteen years apart
    not planned nor wanted
    haunted and taunted
    by what s wrong and or up with you?
    cant you learn first try?
    what is the wish from left field and
    why cry over not being loved
    just the way mean men
    and hard boys bad boys

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