Love Me, Leave Me


Love me lupine;
leave me howling at the moon,
chin up, eyes closed to the stars
that crowd the night sky.

Love me lush;
leave me thriving,
surrounded by air and water
and life.

Love me luxe;
leave me dripping in diamonds
and swathed in royal purple–
a regal image for all to see.

Love me luminous;
leave me shining from within
full of the heat and glow
of adoration.

Love me lonely;
leave me longing for you,
but please, please,
don’t leave me.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

This is my first new poem in over a month. The writings you have seen over the past two weeks were some of the first to appear on this blog back in early spring of 2020. Even now, having continued to write poetry for over a year, something I did not do often at all before posting “You Are” to this blog for the first time, I am still proud of those poems. The vast majority of people who follow me now did not back then, and I wanted to showcase some of the creations that didn’t get as much love as I thought they deserved because my audience was much smaller at the time that they were first posted.

Thank you for the positive response on those. It has really meant a lot.

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