A Cream-Colored Mind

thick and languid

A cream-colored mind,

thick and languid–

in desperate need of some

deep and gritty caffeine

in order to jazz, to liven.

Perhaps that jolt is all that will be needed

to fill the brain with wondrous things

never before contained.

Maybe that will be a buzz

that will can awaken the a kaleidoscopic,

psychotropic colors and patterns

to cut through the pervasive fog.

There is a hope for visions of

shady palm trees in hues of puce

with their giant spiky elephantine trunks,

for sights of turbulent seas of wine-colored froth

that threaten to sink rafts of marzipan

carrying tiny figurines,

for images of undulating frosty-green pines,

their needles picked up in a gust of wind

and swirling in a cloud above them.

None of those pictures come;

rather, the mind is changed

from cream-colored

to utterly without hue.

The effort and the chemical stimulant

took everything.

It doesn’t matter.

It was a preposterous, frivolous goal anyway.

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

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