“Enter not”

The door invites in appearance

with its warm, enchanting hue

and beautiful, shining

golden accessories.

One might walk up to it,

engage it in conversation,

ask to pass through it.

“Enter not,” it says in reply,

its hard, wood self

stiff with loyalty

to those behind it.

“Instead, stare up me,

think of the opportunities

that lie behind,

the people you could meet,

the things you can do.

But do not dare touch me–

do not knock

and do not run your fingers

along my beautiful paint.”

The door stays steady,


its color aggressive and its handle

full of metallic bite

and strength.

“Go away for now,”

commands the door.

“You may come back,

but you many never come in.”

Photo by Matteus Silva from Pexels

7 thoughts on “Invitation”

  1. This is powerful, Joy. I’ve come across plenty of doors like that in my life (especially as a deaf guy) and all I could do was turn around and leave and seek doors that were welcoming. We may never discover what lies behind some of those doors, but perhaps that’s for the best. We can find kindness and solace and even success in many places. I suppose we just need to keep looking. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Mike. I come from a very privileged position that most doors are open for me or will open for me, so I need to consider whether I am building doors that will be open and welcoming for other people.

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