The Shoe Stealer

Who loses a single shoe, and where?

A shoe is gone, one of a pair

that once both belonged to me.

Who loses a single shoe, and where?

I look and look, but do not see.

It’s missing maybe for forever;

must have walked off by itself.

See, shoes these days are very clever,

won’t stay in place upon a shelf.

Oh never mind, I just found it,

it’s been here underneath this chair.

Ignore the part the dog clearly bit.

I wonder who could have put it there.

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

17 thoughts on “The Shoe Stealer”

  1. This is an interesting piece. Analyzing it, I thought about all the times I wonder, “Who would do such a thing?” only to realize I’m guilty of it myself. Not sure if that was the intended message of the poem, but it just goes to show what the subconscious can sneak into a couple innocent looking lines.

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    1. That was the direction that I was thinking of taking the poem at first, but by the time I had written it, it was the dog, hence the teeth marks


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