Rain Tumbles

wet and cold

Rain tumbles,

all waterfalls

and slick streets.

The world may be wide and wild,

but right now it is wet,

drenched in an unpleasant thinness,

a coating on everything

that offers chill and slip.

The elements–

the wind whip,

the cold biting air,

the cloud drizzle–

are so uninviting.

So maybe today is a day to stay.

Maybe today is the day to stay.

Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

11 thoughts on “Rain Tumbles”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable read, Joy. Today will indeed (for me anyway) be a stay-day, after I return from my doctor visit, anyway. I’m hoping to post something then.
    I’m especially (and favorably) impressed by your inclusion of the link to an earlier, related poem. I think it amplifies this piece very nicely. Well done. Thanks.

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