A Full-Bodied Red

I did not.

You say that I turned city tap

into Carbernet Sauvignon

while you were drinking well water

from a dirty faucet.

I assure you that you have this story wrong.

I am not magical,

I am not gifted,

and I am not divine.

The real story is that I got drunk

on a glass of the unfiltered Adam’s ale

that was placed in the fridge

to get cold.

Maybe you’ll say that’s still too different,

that’s missing the grit

that hardens hearts.

Maybe you’re right.

But there’s still a mistake in your metaphor,

in your heavy-handed, heavy-hearted oeuvre (opus? ode?).

I am not a fountain.

I am not the Truth.

I am not justice and I am not love,

and neither are you.

But you, woman at the well,

you once offered me a drink

when you didn’t even know me.

I will forever be trying

to pay that back.

Photo by Dmitriy Ganin from Pexels

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