What is Love?

Baby, don’t hurt me.

On the edge of a cliff

I stand,

head bowed,

hands clasping

the wrought iron form

of my heart,

not wanting to drop it

but needing to let it fall.

I don’t look

down below.

I don’t dare

try to ascertain

who might catch it

or whether

there is anyone

to catch it at all.

I simply loosen my grasp

and allow it to tumble

from fumbling fingertips

into the unknown.

Photo by Anna Urlapova from Pexels

15 thoughts on “What is Love?”

    1. The music video didn’t load when I first read your comment. That’s one of my favorite songs! I wasn’t thinking of it at all when I wrote the poem, but maybe it inspired it in ways I wasn’t aware of.

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