In Media Res

social media, that is. Also, check me out on Substack.

So far, every single social media website or app I have tried has been home to some kind of poetry community. Some of these sites are more conducive to posting and reading poetry than others (Pinterest is not the ideal place for original poems as far as I can tell), and some sites have clear preferences for certain styles, forms, and themes of poems. Longer free verse poems have a lot of success here on blogs, particularly blogs run through WordPress. List poems and very emotional writings do really well on Instagram. Twitter, where brevity is key, tends to be most conducive to haiku, senryu, tanka, and sometimes couplets.

Sometimes, I write with a particular social media site in mind. Other times, I write and figure out where to place the poem later based on its features. In any case, my poetry lives in a variety of different places. You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter to keep up with my writing there, but I also want to share a few of the pieces from those sites here.

I have a lot of other thoughts about the poetry communities on these and other apps, but I am saving that for a future “pen pal letter,” probably in a few weeks or months. Speaking of “pen pal letters,” I have been toying with the idea of creating a newsletter as a place to curate the things that I write and showcase some of the things that I have been reading, and the “pen pal letter” format seems like it would work really well as the first part of a newsletter. Tomorrow (February 22, 2022), I will send out my first such newsletter. These letters will come out on Tuesdays, either every other week or once a month.

If you want to sign up to receive the letters in your email inbox, you can do so here. Tomorrow’s pen pal letter will appear here on my WordPress site and through my Substack newsletter, but all future ones will appear exclusively on and through Substack (at least for now).

If you would rather not get these emails (“and I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to,” I say, knowing many valid reasons why someone would not want to receive extra emails), you can also just check in on my Substack itself to read the web version of every newsletter I put out.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well.



5 thoughts on “In Media Res”

  1. we dance alone
    you keep the i phone
    cos i am alone
    as for social media
    is not
    social media
    the only thing social
    here is
    a plurality
    pardon my cynicism joy~


    1. I find (with the Read page) to be incredibly social. You can comment. You can like posts. You can effectively DM people. You can share posts. I think its greatest appeal is that it combines the control of having your own website with the potential to utilize it as social media


      1. There is certainly a negative connotation to social media sometimes. If it helps to think of this space as different (and I agree that in a lot of ways it does feel different), then I understand that.


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