Greenhouse Blues

start again

To shut out the world, the gardener ventures into the greenhouse

to work on the seed starts–

tomatoes and peppers

and all the things she can pretend she can control.

They are far from cold hardy.

Nor is she.

The gardener presses the seeds into the earth

that she keeps inside this glass shelter.

She sprinkles vermiculite on top of a soil block

and cautiously (and anxiously) waits

for a seedling to poke its new self

above the surface.

It’s a lot like watching grass grow–

just as futile though more fulfilling

for the growth here is a promise that feasts will one day come.

The warmth is also promised to come soon.

She knows her zone, her last frost date,

her time to start anew–

an end and the potential for many, many beginnings.

Photo by Sasha Kim from Pexels

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