The Heart is a Muscle

and the nerves are electric

The heart is a muscle,

and the nerves are electric.

Through this ongoing bustle,

the world skews geometric,

painting lovers as circles

and their worries as squares,

giving curves to their pulses

and angles to their cares.

They will start just as always

with both passion and thrill

with vibrant hues that amaze

as the moments hold still.

With a touch of their fingers

or the brush of their hands,

the sensation will linger

like a divine command,

but cloud nine’s not forever.

No, all love must evolve,

for life is too clever

with its problems to solve.

Their lives will become busy,

but still they will try

to ride out that tizzy,

let their love edify,

and hope to get through this–

as we’ll cheer for them, too–

all wishing for pure bliss

when they’re circles anew.

Now, this lovers’ tribute

must come to an end,

though their story continues

past the upcoming fin.

More will repeat this puzzle

and its painting in metric

’cause the heart is a muscle,

and the nerves are electric.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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