Blood Harmony

We don’t look alike.
We don’t walk alike, we don’t talk alike.

Friends and family have often said
that my brother and I
look nothing alike.
I have dark hair,
he has light.
He always smiles
in a self-assured smirk,
and when I grin,
it crinkles
the outer corners of my eyes.
I inherited the dark rims
around my irises from
our mom
and he got the vibrant green color
of eyes from
our dad.

No, we don’t look alike.
We don’t walk alike, we don’t talk alike.
He has a mind for logic and rhythm,
and I work in language and metaphor.
We grew up to have different preferences,
different fortes,
different lenses for viewing the world,
different ideas,
and even different ways
of thinking those ideas.

But when we put our minds to the same purpose,
we have blood harmony.
Our thoughts weave together
like complementary strings
of the big-picture tapestry.
Together, we can make you laugh
at the most mundane occurrence.
We can talk through tough problems
and come out with a deepened
understanding of life.
We can take a thunderstorm
and turn it into a rainbow.

Yes, we have blood harmony,
and no one can take that
away from us.

Image by Jabbacake from Pixabay

This poem was in response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Harmony” May 11, 2020 from Eugi’s Causerie.