Realism and Reality: Pen Pal Letter #8

that voice is not my own

To Whom It May Concern:

(partially inspired by this post by @itskamillaq on Instagram)

Not all of my writing is about me. Even the ones that are might be over-exaggerated or abstracted. For instance, I am not currently a boat. Nor was I when that poem was written.

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In Media Res

social media, that is. Also, check me out on Substack.

So far, every single social media website or app I have tried has been home to some kind of poetry community. Some of these sites are more conducive to posting and reading poetry than others (Pinterest is not the ideal place for original poems as far as I can tell), and some sites have clear preferences for certain styles, forms, and themes of poems. Longer free verse poems have a lot of success here on blogs, particularly blogs run through WordPress. List poems and very emotional writings do really well on Instagram. Twitter, where brevity is key, tends to be most conducive to haiku, senryu, tanka, and sometimes couplets.

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