Minimalism Probably Isn’t Right for Me

As I rearrange my closet, I slide my tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dresses onto their respective hangers and place them onto the rod. The reason for this reorganization is to make my clothing easier to find, quicker to grab; it’s a way for me to ultimately save time when I’m choosing an outfit for theContinue reading “Minimalism Probably Isn’t Right for Me”

Introducing Me!

I guess the proper thing to do here would be to introduce myself. Hi! You can call me Joy because, in spite of how tired-looking my expression is in the picture above, Joy really is my middle name. Now, a little bit about myself…I like long walks on the beach, I love anything with chocolate,Continue reading “Introducing Me!”

Introducing The Yellow Brick Ave!

Hi guys! This blog marks the beginning of a new project: The Yellow Brick Ave! This blog will be a place for me to share my thoughts and dive into my journey of self-improvement. It’s an idea that I’ve had for a long time, and I’ve tested elements of it so far, but I’m finallyContinue reading “Introducing The Yellow Brick Ave!”