I See

Words to show, mind to know

I use my words to build a house
with a solid foundation to offer stability.
I utilize orange-red bricks
To build up the walls.
I put a gray, shingled roof over the top
To protect it from the rain.
I leave spaces for doors and windows
So that others may enter or peer inside.

I use my verbs to lay down the concrete driveway,
My nouns to place the sturdy hedges,
My adjectives to grow the flowers in shades
Of magenta and deep violet.

With my sentences, I labor until the landscape is complete,
Until I am sure that the house will not topple over,
Until there are trees and grass
Decorating the space with vibrant green.

I hope you can see this view
In all its imaginary glory.

These descriptions don’t come naturally to me,
But my favorite author paints pictures with her words,
Wondrous, dynamic images,
And I try to copy her.

The truth is when I close my eyes
And think these phrases,
Everything is blank.

I cannot see what I created.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t build a house
with a foundation and walls and a roof,
with doors and windows,
Because even if I don’t have a picture,
I still have my words.

Image by MR1313 from Pixabay


Your Words Have Meaning, Dear

Sometimes, such words warrant war

Syllables spill from ludicrous lips
as vowels litter the terra firma
and consonants are crushed
by a careless creator.
These phrases that thoughtlessly tumble
from mind to mouth to ground
contain cruelties
that the unthinking speaker
never even knew.

Sometimes, such words warrant war;
other times, they solicit sadness.
In any case, this vapid verbiage
can hurt hearts,
slice open souls,
and render ribs to wretched weeping.
Unintentional though it may be,
these unmeaning messages
still hold sway
over the ears and hearts
that hear them.

The next time that a thoughtless thought
threatens to leave your lips,
remember, friend,
with language, kindness is king,
so before opening your mouth to say anything,
please know that your words have meaning.

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza from Pexels

This week, I would simply like to offer the suggestion to check out two of my favorite poets who I follow on Instagram. The first is M. G. Hughes who writes simple yet elegant poems, usually touching on nature or other aesthetic observations she has made. The second poet is Boomie Bol who I just realized (and I feel silly for not checking until writing this) also has a WordPress blog where she posts her gorgeous poems about her experiences. I hope that you will take the time to check out both of their works because they have been so inspiring to me!


A Father’s Words

For Father’s Day

“What’s wrong?” he asks,
his eyes full of empathy,
his ears ready to listen.

“I’m happiest when you’re happy,” he says
with a genuine smile flooding his face.

“How was your day?” he asks
in a curious tone,
settling in to hear all the stories
of triumph and heartbreak.

“I’m so proud of you,” he says
in times of joyous celebration
of accomplishments.

“How can I help?” he asks,
rolling up his sleeves,
with hands ready to do the work.

“I love you no matter what,” he says
no matter what.

Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere and anyone else who takes on a fathering role!

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

Fathers, father figures, and other people who take on fathering roles are so important to a child’s development. The Child & Family Research Partnership at The University of Texas at Austin put together a list of “5 Things You Should Know about the Importance of Fathers.” Unfortunately, I am ignorant about the programs that exist to support fathers and father figures. It felt disingenuous link to an organization that I know little about just because that organization says that it supports fathers. If you know of any charities or other organizations that actively work to support people in fathering roles, let me know. I’d love to broaden my knowledge on the topic.