The Science of Love

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

I wanted to post a couple of short, lighthearted pieces that I’ve written. The following poems are incredibly corny and cheesy. I cringed while writing these, and I apologize for any cringing that you may experience.

The Chemistry of Love

Some may say that science talk is the antithesis of love talk,
but, baby, I know when we converse, we have chemistry.
The bonds between us are the strong kind.
And isn’t it ionic how electric it feels
every time we get close and touch?
I feel so positive each time it happens.

The Particle Physics of Love

Baby, I love every quark of you!
I knew as soon as I looked you up and down
that I was charmed by your strange appeal.
I truly love you from top to bottom.

26 thoughts on “The Science of Love

  1. Those remind me of something I used to do, “Write a Great Novel In 50 Words or Less”. The title didn’t count against the 50 words, although it couldn’t be used in telling the story. The ending was usually some sort of twist or bad joke.

    Here is one example:

    Treasure Seekers

    Maria and Raul sought an engraved crystal plate cover and a cigar wrapped in gold leaf, reputedly hidden by Pierre de Lyon in 1812.

    Clues led them to a hidden chest in a secret grotto. Maria lifted out the bell-shaped crystal, then turned sadly to Raul.

    “Cloche, but no cigar.”

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