O, Poem-maker

can you build a poem
of bricks of uninspiring numbness

can you make a poem
out of wallowing in silence
from the sadness
that arose from nothing?
Can you make a poem
out of the inability to get out of bed
on the weekends,
of only possessing motivation
when it is for others?

can you write a poem
about how heartbreak lingers
and never truly heals?
Can you write a poem
of lessons that should have been learned long ago
yet keep being taught
without being absorbed?

can you build a poem
of bricks of uninspiring numbness
that floods and muffles and mutes
every experience?
Can you build a poem
of concrete
with its dark, gray hue
and brutalistic shapes and lines?

Because I feel guilty
when I write these things
and don’t offer a solution,
a termination of the morose feeling
that pervades many of my waking moments.

Perhaps there’s a beauty in these moments, too,
and even if there isn’t,
they still need to be spoken.

I’m just not sure
if I’m the right one
to do the speaking.

Original photo by Alex Buretz from Pexels


19 thoughts on “O, Poem-maker”

  1. Yes, these moments and feelings do hold great significance just as the “beautiful” ones do. And I think there’s nothing as beautiful as vulnerability.

    Your pondering of should I add my voice to the communal voice…..I too struggle with this very question. Particularly this year, when so many are suffering so greatly and experiencing things I’ll never fully understand.

    But I hope there is space for my voice too. I try to use it honestly and authentically. And I hope that it helps even one person. Your voice has helped me, on more than one occasion.

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    1. Thanks, Alisha. It is heartening to know that my words have an impact on someone who reads them. I always admire your openness to talk about your struggles through your writing, and I’m encouraged to know that you also question whether your problems are big enough to speak about. It makes me feel less alone. And I’m glad that you do choose to speak about them.

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      1. I know right. I myself don’t like to be called a poet, but it’s my goal after all, to die as a poet. So, this is why I’m just fine with my lil title of pocket poet. Even I myself can’t take it from myself. 😅☺️

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    1. I don’t mind answering you, but I’d rather not have it up on my blog, even in the comments. You can shoot me an email through my contact page or DM me on Instagram and I’ll answer.

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